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Access rules of the HSE University supercomputer complex

  1. The resources of the HSE University supercomputer complex (further - SC ) complex are intended to support basic research and an educational process development, also to perform scientific and practical projects that require the use of supercomputer system.
  2. The use of the provided resources should be made in the interests of the HSE University to solve problems within the project specified during registration.
  3. When using the SC, it is prohibited to proccess information that constitutes a government and other secrets which are protected by law, as well as other restricted access information in accordance with current legislation and information constituting confidential information in accordance with the HSE Regulations on the Protection of Confidential Information.
  4. Authors in their papers should refer to the use of computational resources of HPC facilities. To do this, use the following formulations in the Acknowledgments session: «This research was supported in part through computational resources of HPC facilities at HSE University»*.   
  5. According to the results of the project applicants obliged to provide a progress report within 10 working days from the date expiry work.
  6. If the exclusive right, in accordance with the local regulations of the HSE University, belongs to the author, the author, by submitting the report, grants the HSE, free of charge, in order to ensure academic openness, the right to use the report on the work done under a simple (non-exclusive) license, including for reproduction in any form, distribution and communication to universal information for the entire duration of the exclusive right on the territory of the whole world. The author also consents to the posting of his personal data (full name, position) on the Internet to indicate his authorship in relation to the report.
  7. Intermediate reports may be required from SC users if it is necessary to compile unscheduled reports or form a grant application.
  8. Note that the supercomputer is used remotely.
  9. It is prohibited to share your account data, passwords and access keys with other persons.
  10. Users are fully responsible for the licensed purity of the software products installed by them and their compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  11. Long-term storage of data that are not used in current calculations is not allowed at the SC.
  12. Users independently provide backup of their data.
  13. At the end of the project users independently have to transfer data to their own storage. Note that after 3 months from the date of work completion, as well as there is no renewal of the resource use, the user's files on the SC are deleted without the possibility of restoring.
  14. Access to supercomputer resources is carried out within the time agreed upon. If it is necessary to extend the use of the system, you must send an appropriate application which is considered in general order.
  15. Access for persons dismissed or expelled from the HSE is closed automatically based on information about blocking the account of the Unified Personal Account.
  16. For a fair distribution of SC capacities between users, restrictions are set on the maximum number of computing resources used simultaneously. The parameters of the restrictions may change depending on the current load of the SC.
  17. Scheduled maintenance work on the SC is carried out monthly on the last working day of the month (Mon-Fri) from 9:00 to 21:00. During the maintenance work, the task queue is suspended, and access for users is closed. Active tasks are removed. Tasks that support restarting are restarted after the work is finished. Planned maintenance work is carried out in order to ensure that users have a stable operation of the SC for a whole month.
  18. Violation of these Rules by the applicant is the basis for termination of access and rejection of subsequent applications.
* To simplify the search for publications associated with the supercomputer, you can optionally add a link to the article to them:
[1] Kostenetskiy P.S., Chulkevich R.A., Kozyrev V.I. HPC Resources of the Higher School of Economics // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2021. Vol. 1740, No. 1. P. 012050. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1742-6596/1740/1/012050
Violation of these Rules by the applicant is the basis for termination of access and rejection of subsequent applications.


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